Contest Duration

Registration Time


September 8, 00:00 December 8, 22:00

Contest Duration


September 15, 00:00 December 15, 22:00

Registration Methods


Visit the official website of and click on Register for Contest Banner to fill in the MHMarkets’ live account.


By depositing or internally transferring at least $500 to your participating account (both MT4 and MT5 accounts are eligible to participate in the contest, but cents accounts are not).


After your registration information has passed the audit of the contest customer service, you will receive a notification email of【Successful Registration for Live Trading Contest】.

Note: Contestants participating in the Live Trading Contest need to ensure that they have at least $500 (inclusive) in equity funds in their registered account. After registration, all deposit and withdrawal operations of your account will be counted as contest data. As long as your account meets this condition, you can register for the Live Trading Contest.


The top 50 contestants with the most outstanding performance in this contest will be awarded.

There are a variety of prizes, including the bonus for live accounts, beautiful travel experiences, and cash prizes.

Specifically, the total amount of the cash prize is up to $23,550, while the bonus for live accounts is even higher at $235,500.

In addition, the contest has a special prize of a luxurious five-day trip to Dubai, allowing the winning contestant to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. The specific rewards are as follows